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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions commonly asked by our affiliates:

Q: How much can I really make in your affiliate program?

We are not kidding when we say 1 Minute Weight Loss is one of the bestselling new products on the Internet. We have affiliates making thousands of dollars a day – there is no reason why you can’t join them! We’ll give you the proven effective materials – all you need to do is work hard.

Q: How many upsells are there and what is my commission for selling an upsell?

We currently offer 3 high-value upsell products. You will receive a 75% commission on the sale of each.

Q: Am I allowed to use content from this website in my marketing?

Absolutely! Once you are affiliated, you can use 1 Minute Weight Loss content, graphics, images, logos, and testimonials - anything we have on our site. You do not have to ask for permission. We are here to support you! You can also use the term “1 minute weight loss” in any domain and ad campaign.

Q: Will I be able to link directly to your checkout?

Yes. To create your affiliate link, click here now.

Q: What if my referral opts in to your email list but does not buy?

You will receive credit for any referral that you send to us, even if we email them and they don’t buy until later.

Q: Can I conduct email marketing campaigns for 1 Minute Weight Loss?

Yes. However, we do not allow SPAM. You should only email to your opt-in subscribers and your emails should be informative. We offer professionally written emails here. You can also create your own.

Q: Am I allowed to submit my tracking code?

Sure. Please contact us for details.

Q: Can I have a free review copy of 1 Minute Weight Loss?

We do not currently offer free review copies. You can, however, use your affiliate link to order the book and you will receive a 75% commission. Purchasing the book will also allow you to get more familiar with our checkout system, upsell process, and our members’ area. You could then take advantage of this firsthand knowledge in your marketing campaigns.

Q: Do you have any promotional tips or advice to offer me?

The key is volume. The more traffic you generate, the greater your chance of producing commission generating sales. Take full advantage of our professionally designed and written materials and work hard on building your list.

You may also get additional advice by visiting discussion forums at BHW, Digital Point, and Warrior Forum.


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