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Traffic Ideas & Sources

Note: You can also simply create your own youtube videos and upload them, with your affiliate link embedded in the video, or below in the description. Try producing several of these for best results.

Formerly AdBrite - you can buy a lot of traffic here. Great place to start.

- Paid traffic from a ton of different publishers. Excellent site to get started with.

Paid traffic from one of the biggest sources on the internet. Might want to link to a separate domain / landing page instead of direct linking to our site via a hoplink, otherwise google may not approve it.

- 2nd tier PPC network. Not as much traffic as Google, but less strict and cheaper prices


Self Serve Text Ads

Publish relevant articles about weight loss and link to your hoplink for our program. You will generate floods of free traffic.

I believe they require a $1000 deposit, but well worth it. They are a PPV/CPV ad network and have a very nice interface.

Another CPV ad network with a good reputation. Lots of international inventory.

Ask -

Go here and answer questions related to weight loss, while mentioning your site as a good source of information. Great way to generate free traffic.


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